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Berrington Liberated! Empty Berrington Liberated!

Post by Grand Duke Henry on Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:53 pm

Jubilant fanfare and descending ticker tape filled the streets of Marby, the capital of Berrington, today as victorious Ravenburger-Berringtonian-Luschian soldiers formally liberated the city. The brutal Madhavian occupation is now at an end, and this proud republic may at last return to its golden age of democracy and cultivation of the arts.

President Berry, who throughout the occupation tenaciously fought alongside the Berringtonian Allied Fighting Territorial Army (BAFTA), gave a rousing speech of triumph to the "great Duetarian fighting men and women" who "liberated my fledgling nation through toil, dtermination and valour". A massive party will be held this evening at the Luschian Embassy in Marby, hosted by Lady President Bonham Carter and Prime Minister Meg Ryan Duchess of Ditzyton.
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